Gray Street Workshop


Established in 1985, by Anne Brennan, Catherine Truman and Sue Lorraine, Gray Street Workshop is a collectively run studio and access facility for artists working in the field of contemporary jewellery and object making. The uncompromising commitment of this group of artists to their work and to a studio-based practice has enabled Gray Street to evolve into one of Australia's most exciting and respected workshops.

Over the 34-year period, through the access bench facility, the workshop has provided a bridge between formal education, training and professional development to over 100 jewellers from around Australia and overseas. 

In 2017 Gray Street Workshop moved to Thebarton, this is the fifth location of the workshop within the metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia. With each change of location the workshop has had a shift in focus. The latest iteration of the workshop has designated spaces for the various activities including workshop, library, machine room, courtyard garden and a large project space. The change of location saw a change in direction of the workshop partnership, Jess Dare, Catherine Truman and Sue Lorraine. The Partners are currently focusing on the development of their individual practices and major projects, each having major solo exhibitions in 2019/20.



Learn more about our partnership team, Catherine, Sue and Jess.


Past Tenants

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